Heaven Circle Events,

Since 2011

London - New York - Las Vegas

Heaven Circle has been holding events for over 7 years.


What started off as small private parties with the cream of London grew to a combined 60,000 people network and database which has been featured in the press across the globe. 

We use three Selection rounds to select the guests for our top brand Heaven Soiree.

In total we provide three types of parties and have also teamed up with Nights Of St Francis to assist with the selection process. 

Unlike other clubs who claim to be "elite" we truly are. You cannot buy your way into our events and our events are non profit. We believe that if you pump out events every week, two weeks or even monthly, the quality suffers, hence why we hold just a few a year and are viewed as the worlds most exclusive play party by National Press in19 countries.

The Three Levels Of Heaven Circle, Our Brands And Our Selection Process Explained


Level 2

Level 3

(Part Of Heaven Circle)

(Part Of Heaven Circle)

Level 1

(Selection Level - Not Part Of Heaven Circle)



"Real Photos from Real Parties"