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Heaven Soiree

Next Heaven Noir Dates 2018

September 22nd 

London : UK

9:30pm till 3am

Heaven Noir

For Single Girls, Single Butlers and Select Couples

Events are more for single girls and single guys with select couples. The single guys have had to go through extra verification in order to make sure they are up to the standard of a "Heaven Butler" 

"These Events are held just three times a year in the UK, once in New York and Once in LA."

  • Couples and Single Girls will meet between 9:30pm and 10pm and offered a complimentary glass of champagne. They shall socialise until 11pm.

  • At 11pm The girls will get changed together. 

  • At 11pm The Heaven Butlers will start arriving. The girls and butlers are kept separate. 

  • At 11:30 The girls are blindfolded. 

  • Just after 11:30 "The Gong" will be struck.

  • At the sound of the first Gong the butlers will enter the room. Only light touching is allowed. This will last from around two minutes. 

  • After two minutes the Gong will be struck for the second time. After the Second Gong is struck girls may take off their blind folds or keep them on. At this point all can play how they wish. 

  • We have a very strict safety policy. No means No. Yes Means YES!