Next Heaven Soiree Dates

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Heaven Soiree

For Single Girls, Butlers and Couples

We pick those we wish to attend Heaven Soiree which is held just once a year event from Heaven SX and Heaven Noir Events.

"Held just once a year. You cannot apply for Heaven Soiree, we choose you."

  • You must wear Red Lingerie. Red Cloaks are provided for you.

  • Arrival in Sexy Smart Clothing.

  • After arrival girls and guys are separated at the start in order to get changed into your cloaks and lingerie.

  • This process also creates new friendships and is fun.

  • Then the guys and girls meet again looking incredible in their red lingerie and red cloaks

  • Drinks are had, music is played and the evening unfolds. 

  • The event lasts from 9:30 until 3am

  • This is our number one event

  • This event is completely non profit and simply to create the hottest play party on earth. 


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