Heaven Circle only hosts a few parties a year. However below are our official partners which hold selection only events across the UK. Each partner is allowed to put forward couples / singles for our infamous Heaven Circle parties either in London, New York or Las Vegas.
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SX Parties

Formely Heaven SX Parties. SX Parties are London based parties for those who are between 18 and 39. There are two types of SX parties. House Parties and The Summer and Winter Balls. The Summer and Winter Balls are black tie events held in stunning mansions. The house parties are smaller more intimate affairs.  

Nights Of St Francis

Nights Of St Francis is an old society which holds invite only events. All events are password protected and you must know the password to get in....

These events go by the name of sexy fetish and have had some of the best reviews in the country. 

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Vixen Of the North

Hosted by vixen, these parties are one of the best, if not the best in the North of England. They are held in beautiful locations and compromise of an invite only guest list. 


Originally Heaven Noir, Blyndfolds came about as an extension of an already succesful brand. 

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Single Sinners

The party just for singles 

These parties began when one of the hosts girlfriends had health anxiety. As a result he started an exclusive club where all who attended must have an STI check to attend. This resulted in a small club where you were safe in the knowledge that the guest list had an STI test within the week leading up to the event. All who attend the event are tested in the same place. Dean Street Express in Soho London

Certified Pleasures

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The best in the west. 

Launching Soon.